Maddie & Kiki® acclaimed as TOP 10 BBQ EXPERTS IN ALL OF NORTH AMERICA

Maddie & Kiki®, Canada’s favourite female Grill Masters, were named in the Top 10 Grill Experts of North America and were recently featured in the prestigious, Forbes. BBQ industry professionals turn to Maddie & Kiki® for their knowledge, expertise, and input when developing new products for the BBQ market.

They are hailed as the go-to experts when it comes to reviewing grills of all makes and models, showcasing the latest and greatest products to grill lovers and BBQ enthusiasts.

Maddie & Kiki® teach BBQ classes in-person at their Grill Studio as well as virtually across the globe. They have travelled all across Canada, appearing on morning shows, podcasts, radio, and live events inspiring people of all ages to fall in love with the art of outdoor cookery.

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Learn secret bbq tips and tricks... while having crazy fun with Maddie & Kiki®

Interested in upping your BBQ skills? Take a BBQ class with Maddie & Kiki, Canada's Favourite Female Grill Masters, and learn the tips and tricks that will make your next BBQ cook your best meal yet! 

Take a public class with Maddie & Kiki at Pingle's Farm Market this summer: Don't miss the fun and book now!!

Book Maddie & Kiki for a private class for corporate events, in person or virtually!


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